Central Oregon Attractions

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Wanderlust Tours exists to vibrantly share the natural and cultural history of the Central Oregon region to small groups of interested guests while touring via canoeing, kayaking, caving, volcano tours, snowshoeing, hiking and nature-based sightseeing.
Petersen Rock Garden in Redmond
This is a Central Oregon attraction that has been around for decades and features large sculptures of buildings made out of gems, glass and stone from the area.
Sunriver Nature Center in Sunriver
Kids dig it when they can prowl through the woods. Track a porcupine. Touch a reptile. Or go eye-to-eye with a Great Horned Owl. 
MotoFantasy Adventuresoffers an amazing motorcycling experience to thousands of guests from around the world. The ultimate gear head adventure.
Ask anyone who visits Central Oregon to hunt for agates, stones, or other minerals or treasures and they will point you toward Elkins Gem Stones in Prineville.
The Blacksmith Restaurant serves distinctive new ranch cuisine in the historic Pearson Blacksmith Shop in Downtown BendThe Blacksmith Restaurant serves distinctive new ranch cuisine in the historic Pearson Blacksmith Shop in Downtown Bend
Goodys in Bend OregonGoody's is a family run tradition of handmade chocolates, candies and ice cream near downtown Bend
High Desert Museum focuses on region's history and futureHigh Desert Museum focuses on region's history and future
There are many great vistas in Central Oregon, but rarely can you to look into the past and still see that present.
Sunriver provides great getaway for all seasonsSunriver provides great getaway for all seasons
Here's something to consider if you're interested in one destination that works well any time of year.
While many people might not know about Cowboy Dinner Tree, anyone who lives in the area knows about the place where you get an authentic cowboy dinner, in an authentic cowboy setting.g 
The Lava River Cave near Bend
offers self-guided exploration of a mile-long lava tube. 
L & S Gardens near La Pine
A 2 ½ acre garden store that features greenhouses, antiques, tips and a wide arrange of gardening tools and supplies. Plus you can find unique gifts and plants that will thrive in just about any North American climate.
Diamondstone Guest Lodges near LaPine
While traveling, the best places I have found are the ones that slow your blood pressure; you can feel your body relax.  This is one of those places.
Juniper Swim & Fitness Center in Bend
With state-of-the-art facilities and quality fitness programs, the Juniper Swim and Fitness Center is open to people of all ages and abilities.
Tumalo Falls near Bend
Along the way to the 89-foot waterfall on Tumalo Creek are informational kiosks that make it a great trip if you want to learn about the ecology of creeks, forests and fish habitat.
Smith Rock, located outside the small town of Terrebonne, north of Redmond, might be a bit out of the way, but for hikers, bikers and, of course, rock climbers, it is well worth the journey.
Lava Lands Visitor CenterLava Lands Visitor Center
Come discover how our local geology, ecology, climate, and culture are all interwoven at the Lava Lands Visitor Center.
Deschutes Brewery in Bend
Take a free guided tour and experience the sights, aromas, select ingredients and state-of-the art tools that define the craft brew difference.
Bend's Craft BreweriesBend's Craft Breweries
Bend has endless opportunities of outdoor recreational activities, but what is there to do after that? Bend, just happens to be famous for a more leisurely endeavor.