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Hiking with William Sullivan

William Sullivan

William Sullivan, author with 12 published books on Oregon travel, history and hiking, writes for


Hike Willamette Mission Park

Hike Willamette Mission Park in the Willamette Valley - This riverside loop through Willamette Mission State Park not only visits the nation's largest black cottonwood tree, but it also includes a free ferry ride across the Willamette River and back.

Hike Canyon Creek Meadows

Hike Canyon Creek Meadows in Central Oregon - Try one of the easiest routes to the High Cascades' wildflower meadows, a loop leading to the craggy east face of Three Fingered Jack.

Steens  Mountain

Hike Steens Mountain in Eastern Oregon - Explore the Steens Mountain with this easy hike. There are three short paths that lead to viewpoints of Kiger Gorge, the East Rim, and Steens Summit. A longer trail descends to Wildhorse Lake, in a treeless bowl of wildflowers.

Hike Washington Park

Hike Washington Park in Metro Portland - A walk on the famous Wildwood Trail through Washington Park is a reminder of what's so wonderful about Portland. What other city would have a forest path from a zoo to a mansion with a mountain view?

Hike Cascade Head

Hike Cascade Head on the Northern Oregon Coast - this wild, foggy headland won its name because cascades pour off its cliffs into the ocean. The trails to wildflower meadows here also have views of craggy islands, the Salmon River estuary, and a cove of sea lions.

Hike Timberline Lodge

Hike Timberline Lodge in the Columbia Gorge - Sample the 37.6-mile Timberline Trail that circles Mt. Hood, starting with a short section from the mountain's historic 1937 lodge.

Hike Multnomah Falls

Hike Multnomah Falls in the Columbia Gorge - Discover Oregon's tallest waterfall - 542 feet tall - from both the bottom and the top. Oregon's most popular trail climbs to viewpoints above the two-tiered plume that plummets into a misty, mossy forest grotto.

Sweet Creek Falls

Hike to Sweet Creek Falls on the Central Oregon Coast - Explore a creek just a few minutes from Florence in a Pacific Coast Range gorge. See a dozen small waterfalls following a trail on catwalks bolted to the cliffs.

Neahkahnie Mountain

Hike Neahkahnie Mountain on the Northern Oregon Coast
This peak is an inspiring place, where the Tillamook tribe believed their most powerful god resided. In fact, the name Neahkahnie comes from their words Ne ("place of") and Ekahnie ("supreme deity").

Sahalie Falls

Hike to Sahalie Falls in in the Willamette Valley. Get a quick introduction to Oregon's roaring rivers, waterfalls, and old-growth forests with a loop trail around the McKenzie River's two grandest waterfalls.

Historic Jacksonville

Historic Jacksonville in Southern Oregon - This gold mining town is more than just a living museum; it's an active cultural center with art galleries, a first-rate summer music festival, and more.

Cape Disappointment - Lewis & Clark

Hike Cape Disappointment on the North Oregon Coast - The spot where the expedition first saw the Pacific Ocean.

Tillamook Head - Lewis & Clark

Hike Tillamook Head on the Northern Oregon Coast - The expedition's farthest exploration to the west, finding a cliff overlooking the ocean.