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Historical Markers in Central Oregon

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C1 - Memaloose Island, I-84
Site of ancient burial ground for Mid-Columbia Tribes.

C2 - Ancient Indian Fishing Grounds, I-84
Before dam construction on the Columbia River, the falls were ancient fishing grounds of all the Indian tribes of the middle Columbia River area.

C3 - Deschutes River Crossing, Old 30
Point where the Oregon Trail crossed the Hazardous Deschutes River.

C4 - Cutoff to the Barlow Road, US 97
A shortcut to the Barlow Road from the Oregon Trail.

C5 - Sherar's Bridge Area, OR 216
Gateway to Central Oregon crossing the Deschutes River.

C6 - The Dalles to Canyon City Wagon Road, OR 218
The discovery of gold sends thousands of fortune hunters into the upper John Day basin.

C7 - Indian Trails, US 26
Early Indian trails and tracks used by early explorers, trappers and adventurers are noted.

C8 - Peter Skene Ogden, US 97
Ogden State Park
Commemorates the far-ranging chief trapper of the Hudson's Bay Company.

C9 - Prehistoric River, US 20
An Ice Age river flowed across the high desert in the rocky canyon near the marker.

C10 - Williamson River, US 97
Camp site for the Pacific Railroad survey party in 1855.

C11 - Peter Skene Ogden - Collier SP,US 97
Travels of Ogden and his fur trapping party through Oregon.

C12 - Upper Klamath Lake, off US 97
Klamath Lake wildlife sanctuary and Oregon's largest body of water.

C13 - Applegate Trail, OR 66
Site where Applegate Trail crosses the Klamath River.

C14 - Fort Rock, OR 31
Near here some of the earliest known inhabitants of this continent lived.

C15 - Fremont Memorial, OR 31
A memorial to the 1843-44 John Fremont expedition to Oregon and California.

C16 - Abert Rim, OR 31
Abert Rim, a 2,500-foot fault scarp, is one of the highest in the United States.

C17 - Abert Rim, US 395
Abert Rim,a 2,500-foot fault scarp, is one of the highest in the United States.