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Historical Markers in Eastern Oregon

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E1 - Heppner Flood, OR 74
Describes the devastating flood of 1903 which destroyed nearly the entire town of Heppner.

E2 - Battle Mountain, US 395
Site of a decisive engagement of the Bannock War July 8, 1878.

E3 - Umatilla County, US 30
Campsite of emigrants on the Oregon Trail in Umatilla County.

E4 - Pendleton, US 30
Campground for the Astor Party and emigrants on the Oregon Trail.

E5 - Meacham, Old US 30
Originally Lee's Encampment, later site of the "Mountain House." Honored by visit of President Harding in 1923.

E6 - Historic La Grande, US 30
La Grande was the first town permanently settled in Northestern Oregon.

E7 - Marie Dorion, OR 237
Madam Dorion was a woman of courage and member of the Wilson Price Hunt Expedition of 1811-12.

E8 - Cattle Drives, US 30
The old Oregon Cattle Trail along which up to 100,000 head of cattle were driven to eastern buyers.

E9 - Baker, I-84
Baker City is recognized for its place in the early transportation system for gold discovery.

E10 - The Lone Tree of the Oregon Trail, OR 86
Tells the story of the tree that served as a landmark for Indians, trappers and Oregon Trail emigrants.

E11 - Lure of Gold, OR 86
Gold mining drew emigrants from the east and west along the Oregon Trail

E12 - Durkee, Old 30
Durkee was a favorite emigrant campground and later a relay and stage station.

E13 - Farewell Bend, off I-84
Famous camping spot and the last sight of the Snake River for the westbound emigrants.

E14 - Eldorado Ditch, US 26
Describes the history of the controversial ditch built from 1863 to 1878 to carry water for gold mining.

E15 - Nez Perce, OR 82
Homeland of the Nez Perce Chief Joseph.

E16 - Wallowa Lake, OR 82
Wallowa Lake was created by the advance and retreat of alpine glaciers.

E17 - Bannock War, US 20
Site of the decisive battle between US troops and the Bannock and Paiute Indians.

E18 - Homeland of the Burns Pauite, US 20
History of the Wadatika band of Northern Paiute Indians.

E19 - American Indian Seasonal Round, OR 205
Describes the seasonal round of gathering food and plant material by the ancestors of the Paiute Tribe.

E20 - The Terrible Trail, US 20
While trying to find their way into the upper Williamette Valley, emigrants traveled an alternate route that started in present-day Vale and traversed the desert near this site.

E21 - Fort Harney, US 20
History of the U.S. military post, 1867-1889.

E22 - Great Basin, US 20
Northern limit of the interior expanse known as the Great Basin.

E23 - Peter Skene Ogden, US 20
Peter Skene Ogden, leader of five expeditions into "Snake Country."

E24 - Malheur Crossing, US 20
Oregon Trail crossing at the Malheur River.

E25 - South Alternate Route of the Oregon Trail, OR 18
Describes the pioneer route along the Snake River